Snowy for sure muddy (white ... for sure brown) monopatia 15.12.2018

I saw the news today and they were showing a white Parnitha. Last year I have missed my first snowy ride, the year before too.
But this time it will be the right time, if the snow will not melt, let’s prepare our best suite, gloves and have fun on the snow…
I will not be white will be a real muddy party…
Who is in?


Μαρεσει πολυ η ιδεα σου.

Εχω κανει μονο 320 χλμ ομως με το καινουργιο κυλινδροπιστονο.

Αν εχεις υπομονη να με περημενεις γιατι θα πηγενω σιγα σιγα ειμαι μεσα



Τωρα ειδα οτι λες για σαββατο.

Δε μπορω σαββατο :tired_face:

@Mitch Unfortunately for me this Sunday my wife has her last free Sunday untill January… And I must take care of her too.
I sorry you cannot come, I was thinking was a good idea too just to have fun all together.
Next time … The winter is long and I hope will be white next Sunday too!

Unfortunately I can’t make it for this weekend. :frowning:

Have fun guys! :+1:

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@pan Thank you pal !

Ούτε εγώ μπορώ αυτό το σκ…

Ας ελπίσουμε από το επόμενο

Count me out…

And have fun

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Morning! Μπορεί και να μπορέσω @Wookie αλλά θα για σίγουρα θα σου πω το απόγευμα.

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@nkp yes I was thinking to go in the morning to have more chance to find a full white situation :santa:

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Πολύ λάσπη. Θα πας @Wookie αύριο?